The seven new functions that WhatsApp brings for this year

A very useful function that this application would have is to transcribe the audio messages.

The Whastapp instant messaging application will have seven new functions for its users in the coming months that will allow it to facilitate and encourage the use of the app.

WABetaInfo, one of the leading websites to report on WhatsApp changes and updates, announced that the new functions that will arrive in 2022 are the following:

1-Fusion of WhatsApp with Instagram

WhatsApp is working to view Instagram content within the messaging app, this would be the merger of the two applications, it is likely that Instagram reels, which are 15 to 30-second videos, can be viewed from WhatsApp.

2- Sticker Creator

One of the most recent functions of WhatsApp is its own sticker creator, a tool that for now is only available in the web version, so it is expected that in the coming months it can be done from the mobile phone without the need for other applications.

3- Stealth mode

One of the most anticipated functions is the invisible mode, not all users want the ‘last time’ for their contacts, so they can deactivate it so that nobody finds out about the last connection or if they read the recent messages, the only problem is that the setting is very general, as it only supports ‘enable’ and ‘disable’.

4- Hide information by contact

This function can help the user to be more selective so that they decide which contacts can see the profile picture, the information, the status or the description of the profile, a way to have a better handling of personal information, it should be noted that this update already is it availabe.

5. Delete messages without time limit

In future versions of WhatsApp it is indicated that the time limit will disappear (69 minutes) to be able to delete the longest messages even if several days have passed.

6. Reactions on WhatsApp messages

The reactions in the messages are also to come, sometimes it is not necessary to answer a sentence and in order not to lose the thread of the conversation, you can use this function. The reactions would be: heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, angry, happy and others.

7. Transcribe audio messages

A very useful function that this application would have is to transcribe audio messages, WhatsApp has been working on audio notes, such as accelerating the playback speed and now it is still developing the transcribing of audios.

These new updates aim to keep the application as the most used worldwide, this before the appearance of new messaging apps.

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