The ‘Sex Recession’ In China Is Real, Here’s the Trigger

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China is reportedly going through a ‘sex recession’, as the birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since the 1960s. Currently, the birth rate in China in 2020 is the lowest in 43 years.

In China’s official media report, the Global Times, China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced the birth rate in 2020 was 8.52 per thousand people. In addition, the government’s official body noted that the natural growth rate of the population accounted for 1.45 per thousand, the lowest value in 43 years.

So what is the cause?

Citing The Strait Times, which launched Bloomberg, there is no direct reason why the birth rate has fallen. But new figures confirm population growth in the world’s number two economy is slowing dramatically, even further, officials have stressed since July 2021.



Meanwhile, some demographic experts say that this is caused by the low number of women who want to get pregnant. Last October, the Chinese Communist Youth League released a publication that noted that nearly half or 50% of young women living in the country’s urban areas are reluctant to marry.

There are several reasons for this reluctance to marry. Starting from not having time to the financial costs of marriage and the economic burden of having children.

“Those surveyed said they didn’t have the time or energy to get married,” the report said.

A third of respondents also said they did not believe in marriage. Even in the same percentage, they also say they have never been in love.

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Of all these reasons, there is also one related to the culture of working 9-9-6. This culture is a work position where residents work 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week.

This culture is most evident in digital companies such as Alibaba, Panduoduo, and This makes workers feel hindered in raising a family.

The company calls this culture a “struggle” program. Employees are asked to relinquish their rights and benefits for the development of the company.

China’s courts have already begun to take action against such companies. The judges reminded the company to respect the rights and obligations of the company in employing its employees.

Meanwhile, China’s National Health Committee, as reported by Detikcom, Wednesday (17/8/2022) urged the central government to increase spending on reproductive health programs and childcare services nationwide.

Local governments are encouraged to offer subsidies, tax breaks, health insurance, education, housing, jobs for young families.

Even today’s wealthier Chinese cities have been handing out taxes and housing credits, education benefits, cash incentives to encourage women to have more children.

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