The sexual chat of minors that the Police are investigating in Cantabria contained "stomach-churning images"

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The images that were shared in the chat for minors at an educational center in Shipyard (Cantabria) who is investigating the Civil Guard Due to its sexual and aggressive content, they “turned the stomach,” according to the complainants.

In the conversations of WhatsApp Insults, humiliation of other children and threats of beatings with pedophile stickers, mutilations, shootings or beheadings, among other “savagery”, abounded.

“I don’t know how long they have been exposed to this type of material, but they are normalizing some aberrant things,” one of the complainants laments to EFE.

In addition to the sexual and violent content that was shared in that chat, in which they participated minors under 14 and 15 years old, The families have reported the existence of a second group, in which there were more than a hundred men, including adults “unknown to the children.”

Through this group, which according to the complainants was co-managed by the minor who sent this content, one of the affected children received calls from adults asking him for his personal information and where he lived.

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