The Shaman Inventor of Corona Virus Anti-Virus Dies of Positive Covid-19

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A shaman in Sri Lanka who claimed to have found an anti-coronavirus ingredient has died of positive exposure to Covid-19. – A shaman in Sri Lanka who claimed to have found an anti-coronavirus ingredient died of positive exposure to Covid-19.

The man named Eliyantha White is known to have treated sports stars and top politicians with his inventions that are claimed to appear in dreamland.

Quotes, by pouring the concoction into the river, the Covid pandemic in Sri Lanka and neighboring India will end soon.

The 48-year-old fell ill with Covid earlier this month and was taken to hospital, but his condition worsened.

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The concoction was openly endorsed by Sri Lanka’s former health minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, who was then treated intensively for Covid.

Prior to the pandemic, White was well known in recent years having treated several stars of Indian cricket.

In an interview with the AFP news agency in 2010, White claimed to have had “super powers” since the age of 12.

He also boasted that he could treat England’s top footballer at the time, David Beckham, who was injured and could recover “in just three days.”

However, the alternative medicine that he did was criticized by doctors.

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In 2010, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar publicly thanked White after the shaman healed him from a knee injury.

He is also known to have given a number of consultations to the current Prime Minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa. After White died, the PM uploaded a condolence joke.

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“His legacy will live on throughout life, he touched and healed various diseases,” wrote Rajapaksa.

White’s body was cremated on Thursday (23/09) yesterday, in accordance with Covid regulations.

Sri Lanka in the past month implemented a curfew due to the spread of the Delta variant of Covid.

The government says 12,000 people have died from the virus and more than half a million people have been infected. However, medical circles believe the number of deaths could be doubled.


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