The shock strategy overturns the tribal council


The fan favorite has become an increasingly unstoppable force this season, and on Tuesday night's episode he once again flexed his muscles with a move by the tribal council that left his few remaining courts stunned.

Luke – who was already wearing the immunity necklace after winning the episode challenge – announced at the start of the tribal council that he also had a secret advantage to play.

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Luke's advantage: he could immediately send someone back to the camp, leaving them unable to be voted on by the tribal council – and even unable to vote.

"They don't know that the old crazy Luke is going out tonight and he's making everyone's game explode," he joked before heading to the tribal council. "I want to blind the whole tribe, I want to blind the jury … I could even blind myself!"

After delivering his secret advantage of hosting Jonathan LaPaglia, Luke announced that he would send the Baden court back to camp. More than shocked, Baden picked up the torch and left quickly.

"It's a huge bomb," said Abbey, while Harry called the "ridiculous" turnaround.

And within seconds of Baden's departure, Luke was in the ear of the Pia Miranda court, whispering long imperceptible plans as he listened carefully.

Abbey admitted that the secret confusion of the last minute was making her nervous – so Luke stood up and approached her for another whisper of whispers.

Those who watched from the jury were tickled by Luke's antics, as well as LaPaglia:

That said, it was time to vote, and with Baden and Luke immune, there were only three names to choose from: Harry, Pia or Abbey.

The tension increased as LaPaglia slowly counted the votes – one each for Harry, Pia and Abbey, with only one vote left.

The final grade was for Abbey. Both Luke and Pia had voted for her, Pia also winked at her closest ally Janine on the jury while the name of Abbey was read.

Abbey had to give up Luke for his blind side after his elimination. "Luke Toki, you are a bloody legend … but I hate you at the same time," he said.

And then there were four …

This Australian Survivor season ends with another two episodes, at 7.30pm next Monday and Tuesday at ten.



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