The shocking job offer: one euro per hour as a contract. And the rejection goes viral on TikTok

One euro and sixteen cents an hour. Presumably in black. This is the compensation that a 22-year-old from Naples was offered as salary for a contract work of 9/10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. The young girl has kindly declined the offer, but the trader accused her of being a slacker. “You young people today don’t really want to work“, thundered the owner and the 22-year-old posted her story on TikTok (complete with messages) to report the incident.

Francesca Sebastiani, 22 years old from Secondigliano, has chosen social networks to focus attention on the now sadly common practice of paying for real expenses as reimbursement of work for more than 40 hours a week. The girl asked for more information on hours and salary after reading a job ad for a shop assistant in a shop located in her neighborhood.

The conversation with the merchant took place via mobile phone through a series of messages on chat. But when the shop owner told her that, for almost 60 hours of work per week, he would have perceived 70 euro (a monthly total of 280 euros), Francesca did not comment but politely refused the offer: “All right. Thanks, I’m not interested anyway. Have a good evening“. On the other hand, the trader resented:”You young people today don’t really want to work“.

At that point, Francesca decided to motivate hers rejection and, always with education, he made some clarifications, taking into account his previous work experiences, where the salary was proportionate to the daily commitment: “It is you who do not make us work. Would you have gone to work for 70 euros a week for all these hours? Would you have sent your son? With 280 euros you can’t even pay the travel expenses to reach the shop“Then he posted the message exchange on the social platform TikTok and his video of denunciation became viral in a very short time. Between seasonal workers, citizenship income and illegal work, the debate on the world of youth work is getting hotter and episodes like the one told by the 22-year-old from Naples are likely to multiply.

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