The shortage of workers in the UK is going to issue more than 10,000. visas Business

The decision was announced on Saturday by the British government, which decided to change its immigration policy after Brexit.

The short-stay visas, which run from next month until the end of December, will be issued to the British government to tackle a huge shortage of truck drivers and some other key workers that has negatively affected fuel supplies and several other sectors.

In recent days, there has been a long queue at gas stations due to a shortage of petrol drivers as people ignored the government’s call not to panic about buying fuel. The situation has led to the closure of some service stations.

The decision to extend the visa regime for key workers is a serious change in the policy of the Boris Johnson government. The government tightened immigration rules after Brexit and said Britain’s dependence on foreign labor must end.

For several months, the government has resisted calls to do so, although the country is estimated to be short of about 100,000. truck drivers. In addition, a number of sectors in the country have warned the government that supply disruptions may occur.

However, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized that he would take action “as soon as the opportunity arose” and that it was part of a wider set of measures to ensure a smooth preparation for Christmas.

But Ruby McGregor-Smith, president of the British Chamber of Commerce, said such a government decision was not enough.

“This report can be compared to an effort to extinguish a scrap with a finger of water,” she said.


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