The siege of television was an organized event

Speaking to the paper, he said that as a criminal justice expert on the Balsai Commission, which uncovered police brutality in 2006, on 21 October 2011, he was referred to the Attorney General on suspicion of a terrorist offense. Ferenc Gyurcsány he also filed a criminal complaint against the Prime Minister in charge, police chiefs identifiable in criminal proceedings, scene commanders and those involved in the executive staff.

The law alternatively threatened the perpetrator of this perpetual crime with up to life imprisonment.

His complaint was also accepted, which is a report that is still alive today, as he has not yet received a decision to close the investigation.

In 2010, the National Assembly also adopted a resolution declaring that between 17 September and 24 October 2006

during law enforcement proceedings in the public areas of the capital, the police, prosecutors and courts were unable to meet their constitutional obligations.

The fact that the many kinds of exploratory work did not lead to results in the end, he thinks that

the Gyurcsány phenomenon could not be explored in its full length and cross-section either. ”

Thus, the catharsis that would have made people aware that society “faces a villain who has committed crimes under public law” was left behind.

Miklós Völgyesi mentioned that Endre Barcs wrote in the Democrat how Gyurcsány wanted to deceive the European Commission as well, but as a kind of compromise Joaquin Almunia The Commissioner for Finance agreed that the Hungarian government would submit the convergence program only after the elections in September 2006.

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The condition for this, however, was that

the Prime Minister himself must inform the Hungarian public about the real situation in the country. ”

He added that this pact was behind the leak of the autumn speech. The socialist party program, based on false data and containing unfulfillable commitments, could not be adhered to after the elections were won.

Gyurcsány misled the public, the opposition parties and the President of the Republic by deliberately silencing reality.

He said that Ferenc Gyurcsány had just leaked the speech in Őszöd. Two recordings were also made Gala. J Zoltán kept it in his safe. The recordings were then published on Hungarian Radio on 17 September. He added that it was at this time that the chairman of the radio was accidentally replaced and a new one was appointed, Such George.

The cassette was copied in multiple copies and delivered by motor courier to the editorial offices of several media. However, this decision could not be made by the president of the Hungarian Radio alone, which operated under government control. Without authorization, he could not have done that.

Interesting that Bene Ferenc the then national police chief was just abroad at the Interpol conference. He also had to ask the prime minister for permission to travel.

According to Miklós Völgyesi, the police and the police only played the role of being suddenly hit by the siege of television. It was just part of government communication.

Coincidentally, it was in these days that a large number of forces were assigned from the counties to train and practice for the law enforcement management of the crowd. ”

– He told.

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He said the siege of television was an event that was evidenced by many hundreds of documents.

It served the purpose of being a ribilla. ”

They were looking for a justification for intimidating the people they called mobs, after which people hunted the streets of Budapest for three days.

And to the question of what your opinion is Dobrev Klára and Ferenc Gyurcsány’s statements that they had lawfully restored order at the time, and that more police officers were injured than protesters at the time, said:

Baron Münchhausen could only be a liar compared to Gyurcsány in lying ”.

The full interview HERE can be viewed.

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