The silence of the fish – The cross


And during this period a study by Ifremer (Research Institute for the exploitation of the sea) tells us that the density of fish has decreased by 80% in thirty years in the Bay of Somme. It has gone from 200,000 fish per square meter to 40,000. According to Ifremer, this alarming decline is mainly due to the increase in the temperature of the water. It's called global warming. As we know, no Ifremer researcher has seen fish from the Somme Bay with a yellow vest. The fish from the Somme bay dies in silence. And in the utmost silence. By 2100, the researchers themselves say, the increase in temperatures in the Somme Bay could reach 2.5-3 ° C compared to the current period, which can considerably amplify what they prudently call the "Side effects" of this warming We already knew that we were going to a world without birds, without insects, without innumerable mammals, big and small, brown-headed ateli with tamarind pinch. We now know that we will probably also go to a world without fish. Indeed, tomorrow there will be demonstrations throughout France to warn against climate change. The "yellow jackets" that they also planned to demonstrate (who does not know?) Explain that they care more about the end of the month than the end of the world. What is certain is that on the day of the end of the world, we will all be fine.

Alain Rémond


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