The simple Leipzig branch closes for two days: the Russian discount is sold out


Leipzig –

Bargain hunters in Leipzig must be patient: not even a week after the Russian discount store Mere has to temporarily close its first German branch in Leipzig due to a lack of supplies. "We did not expect the assault in the early days," says a company spokesperson on Monday MZ. Many products are already sold out. Although the goods have been re-ordered, the suppliers must first adapt to the new situation. Therefore, the branch will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Discounter Mere: many products from Eastern Europe

Tuesday's inauguration was a real rush to the customer. Hundreds of customers had already arrived in the morning. The market advertises with the slogan "every day only the lowest prices".

The interior is thin. The food is found on simple metal shelves or on wooden pallets, in addition there are also textiles, household items and pharmacy items. It is surprising that many long-life foods come from producers in Eastern Europe. Milk is also supplied by a producer in the Czech Republic. Perhaps the long delivery routes are creating difficulties now. But the spokesman rejects this: "The problems have nothing to do with foreign suppliers".

In a former Aldi store the discount shop has now entered.

In a former Aldi store the discount shop has now entered.

Food experts, however, were skeptical even before the opening, regardless of whether the concept works. The trade expert Gert Hessert from the University of Leipzig told MZ: "To support logistical costs, at least 100 but probably 200 to 300 branches are needed." Logistics is now apparently the heel of Achilles of Mere.

Even the first days of sales did not go well. So the cash register systems were having difficulty because they did not seem to be programmed properly. Therefore, in some sausages only the kilo prices were recognized by the system. "We have solved these startup problems," says the company spokesperson.

The company also designs Mere branches in Saxony-Anhalt

According to its information, the parent company Torgservis manages about 800 discount stores in Eastern Europe, with particular attention to rural areas in Russia. According to media reports, the expansions announced in Poland and Bulgaria have not progressed so far. In Germany, the subsidiary TS-Markt was founded in Berlin, which manages the mere markets. The company plans to gradually open about 100 stores in Germany. Attention should first and foremost be East Germany. Also in Saxony-Anhalt, according to information to open branches. (MZ)



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