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06 December 2018 12:58, Michael

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On 6 February next year, the first of the great Planet Bilan show will take place at the VTB Arena site. They will show a concert in twenty-two cities and four countries. But in the small homeland of the singer Dima Bilan, his performances will not be seen.

Dima Bilan is originally from the city of Ust-Dzheguta in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, from where, a year after the birth of the future star of the Russian show business, his family moved to Naberezhnye Chelny and five years later settled in the city of Maysky , in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

The singer himself admits not to forget his little motherland.

"I'll tell you more," says Dima, "today I'm registered there too, so I once had to leave my Moscow membership, and today in Kabardino-Balkaria I have a residence permit and I pay taxes there too And this is about ten million rubles in the year, so with my compatriots they are always both soul and thoughts and money ".

As for his show, that the countrymen will not see, the singer raises his hands: "There is simply no place to show this program, and I can go there anyway, only with your musicians."

By the way, wherever and wherever the show "Planet Bilan" is advertised, as it is called, it can exceed the concert of Michael Jackson, who spoke to these walls two decades ago. According to rumors, only the new decorations for the presentation cost the producer Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya 10 million and the scenes cost 8 million. And the total budget of the show can be around 40 million, or even more.

Nevertheless, Dima Bilan promises to his fans a true "schizophrenia" with flights, snow, water courses and even doubles of the singer. And, while whispering in the margins of the show, at the beginning of the performance, his main character can make the audience "leave their jaws" by going on stage … naked to symbolically show their birth. Although, probably, most of his fans believe that Dima Bilan's star and success are born, well, at least in a shirt.



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