The singer from Sidonie undresses for the "freedom" in a concert with the artist Rocío Saiz

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“Long live @rocio_saiz’s tits, long live Marc’s cock and long live freedom!”. This is how the group shared Sidonie on their social networks the full nude that their vocalist starred in the EMDIV Music Festival of Alicante together with the activist artist Rocio Saiz.

This singer has the habit of taking off her shirt during her concerts when she performs the song when i love you, leaving her breasts exposed. But the artist suffered in the flesh from her censorship when a security agent forced her to cover herself when she did so during the Pride festivals in Murcia.

But far from wrinkling, Rocío decided to go out and sing in her underwear in Alicante with Sidonie. What she did not expect is that Mark Ros, the vocalist of the group finish the performance totally naked to support it. Something that the public cheered and supported at all times.

The group has shared the images on social networks, pixelating the intimate parts of the protagonists. “Obviously, we have been forced to pixelate what is still considered objectionable here, with all the contradictions that this entails,” they commented along with the video.

Rocío Saiz wanted to convey her gratitude to the band on social networks. “I’m still having a hard time finding enough words to describe what this moment was like for me. After a really hard week, seeing Mark stripping down, singing together you are hereseeing how the public shouted, left me so excited that I had to go to the hotel,” he wrote.

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