The sky that surrounds us II


When we raise our faces to the stars, we remember that everything in the universe is connected. We take as basis the film The First Man (Damien Chazelle, 2018), based on real events. The human beings, present on this planet for 3.2 million years as revealed by the mother of Australopithecus Lucy, in 1969 sent a crew of 3 men to the lunar orbit with the mission that 2 of them reach the The landing and the march of the moon then on the corpuscular surface of the big coin, which surely Lucy saw.

The commander, Neil Armstrong, brought the consciousness of the death of the fragile astronauts who fell before the fire, the oxygen and the failures of the exploratory obsession with the Gemini and Apollo missions in previous years, and now reconsider his mortality when, After a four-day journey from Earth, Aquila, in lunar orbit, broke away from Columbia and began to trace the spiral that led her to Selene.

Armstrong, according to the film, was a retired and sad man, married to Janet, the father of two boys and with the memory of Karen, his daughter died at two years due to a brain tumor. It seems that Neil is a man who arrived there guided by the secret of his pain. It seems that "the first man", before touching with his stellar shoes the silver love of our night, had to first go there in the emotional labyrinth of his head.

The eagle keeps falling and slips into the absence of the lunar atmosphere. Neil has manual control of the ship. Look at the surface that waits for it, without trees without water without colors. Suddenly, he realizes he has to get around the hypnotic abyss of a crater.

The fuel runs out. In those seconds, that man who represents his species, the entire evolution of life on his planet and the steps of his inner life, finds the crater that awaits humanity for over 2 billion years. Neil's fate reveals to us that we are part of that great drama of the stars and I ask: what is our lunar crater? Where else have our experiences as parents, children, lovers, have they taken us?



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