The Slovak prosecutor’s office withdrew the accusations of the founder Penta Haščák

Jana Tökölyová, a spokeswoman for the General Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed that Žilinka agreed with the Supreme Court’s opinion of January 2021 that the authorities in criminal proceedings had failed to gather sufficient evidence in the matter.

At the end of last year, Haščák spent a month in custody, only to be released at the beginning of 2021 by the Supreme Court.

Haščák faced charges of illegal trafficking in wiretapping recordings in a corruption affair known as the Gorilla. It concerned suspicions of bribery of senior civil servants by the Penta group.

Former counterintelligence director Ľubomír Árpáš was to bring from the secret service recordings taken in a conspiracy apartment in Vazovova Street in Bratislava, where Haščák was to meet with politicians and state officials. Árpáš was to sell the recording to Haščák for 194 thousand euros (about five million crowns). Árpáš claimed that he handed over information and analyzes to the former head of the StB secret police in communist Czechoslovakia, Alojz Lorenc, who worked with Penta.

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