the smartphone transforms the human hand


According to a British study, 5% of the population would be one inch larger than the other due to the use of the smartphone. Young people are the most affected by this rather fast body transformation …

One inch bigger than the other? This could be due to the use you make of yours smartphone. If it took millions of years to evolve towards the body we have today, a decade will have been enough to transform the fingers of the hand, due to the intensive use of the smartphone. This is a report from the telephony O2 in the United Kingdom: the O2 Mobile Life Reportwho has investigated 2,000 people. This report is part of a corporate campaign that seeks to better understand the relationship between consumers and their smartphone.

The population would employ an average of two hours a day using phone. Consequence: the evolutions appeared on the fingers of the hand. The thumb that works the most can increase up to 15%. One person out of eight (13%) aged between 18 and 34 would have developed this deformity by touching the phone: a device whose size has increased significantly in recent years.

The 8% of Britons would also have developed a cable (a curve) at the small level fingers (ear) due to the way they hold the phone. Overall, one-third of smartphone users think their bodies have evolved due to their use of mobile phones and 37% of the population thinks that the body will continue to adapt to telephony tools.

More muscular thumbs

For Nicola Goldsmith, who specializes in therapy of the hand, "Our thumb muscles are very complex and located in the base of the thumb, as well as in the forearm, so that an increase motion of "thumb scan" can add muscle strength and Volume: cubic meter and liter
In the international system, the unit of volume is … "data-image =" . jpg "data-url =" / science / definitions / physical-volume-15919 / "data-more =" More information ">volume in these muscles. As research shows, these localized changes – such as enlarged thumbs and small fingertips – are becoming the norm when young adults use the telephone for long periods of time ".
. But in your opinion, thumbs will probably not become giants because there will always be more and more technologies Vocal recognition in the future …

The report also provides interesting information on the site that the smartphone took over in the company. Therefore, 19% of people could not do without a smartphone for a day and 20% admitted that they had already fallen asleep with their phone in their hands. 5% of users would be so attached to their device that they would feel "Types of vibration and examples: music …
Then, a mass attached to a spring, an RLC electric circuit, a loudspeaker or a molecule … "data-image =" midioriginal / 5/7/0 / 570f9ea55b_104266_vibration-loudspeaker.jpg "data-url =" / sciences / definitions / physics-vibration-16296 / "data-more =" More information ">vibration ghosts "warning them of calls or messages when this is not the case. As explained by Nina Bibby, Marketing Director of O2, "Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves; it's hard to say where our hands stop and where the laptop starts".

15% also think that their phone will allow them to live longer and this percentage reaches even 27% between 18-34 years. This gain would be the advantage of applications determine reproductive success
Reproductive success can be calculated … "data-image =" "data-url =" / planet / definitions / zoology-success-breeding-9895 / "data-more =" More information ">fitness available on smartphones, which 30% of the population would have used.

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