The snake bites the man on the toilet in the penis


An extremely unpleasant experience made a 45-year-old man on the toilet of his home in Bangkok. The Thai was bitten while he was peeing by a snake three meters long in the penis, as reported by the newspaper "Daily News" and several other sheets.

The neighbor took him to the hospital, where he had to be sewn with 15 stitches. The snake – a python – was captured by rescuers and then re-exposed in nature. Pythons are not poisonous, they kill their prey by wrapping themselves up.

"I noticed something biting my penis," reported the man. "Then I saw the snake and I kept it so it could let it go." But he also complains that this could happen.

"I should have been more careful"

According to his story, the forty-five had already discovered a snake in his house two months earlier, but in another bathroom, which he no longer used. "I did not think the toilets were connected, I should have been more careful."

Almost two years ago, there had already been a similar incident near Bangkok. At that time, a python appeared in a bathroom and gripped the penis of a 38-year-old man with his mouth.

His wife and neighbor came to help – but only after 30 minutes, the wife managed to tie the snake with a rope. The man dissected the snake's jaw and freed himself from the situation. The helpers had to remove the toilet to free the snake from the clamp.

In the capital of Thailand, snakes often appear in homes or gardens. In the last year, the forces in the metropolis have collected almost 35,000 snakes.


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