"The" social model ", a very convenient scapegoat"


It is necessary to achieve a targeted rebirth, which combines resolutions of ecological and social problems, explains the sociologist in his chronicle to the "World".



Companies. The Institute of Public Policy recently confirmed the weak impact of the flagship measure of the Dutch mandate, the work of competitiveness of tax credit (CICE), whose annual cost is 20 billion euros from 2014, and will rise to 40 billion in 2019 ("What effects do I expect from the transformation of CICE into reductions in the employer's contribution?", Antoine Bozio, Sophie Cottet and Clément Malgouyres, IPP evaluation No. 36, October 2018).

The latest unemployment figures – an increase of 0.5% of unemployed job seekers for the third quarter of 2018, an important indicator on which François Hollande and his successor had promised to evaluate their action – do not highlight the promised reversal.

Yet, we continue to tell the same story, used at the cordon, of a country that would be the only one to experience such rates of unemployment because its labor code would be too protective, even its system of generous social protection, its public spending is too high, its unemployed and its beneficiaries of too lazy social minimums …

When the voters will understand that this story is a fable that makes the scapegoat our social model while the real reasons for the crisis – which affects a large part of European countries – are elsewhere: dysfunctional financial capitalism, pooling of private debts In public debt after the 2008 crisis, serious errors of economic policy by the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank in 2011, and then by French governments, all the political colors put together, which have implemented supply policies, competitive disinflation and fiscal austerity, which largely contribute to the increase in social insecurity and further push France towards economic languor.

Two great challenges

A figure above all …


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