The socialist Sanchez wins the elections, the far right enters parliament


The Spanish socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez won the parliamentary elections on Sunday without reaching an absolute majority, after counting more than half of the votes, while the far right is preparing to enter parliament, over 40 years after the end of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

The vote could therefore lead to a continuation of the instability that marks Spanish politics since the end of the bipartisan socialist conservatives in 2015, with a fragmented parliament and divisions exacerbated by Catalonia's attempted secession in 2017.

After counting over 60% of the votes, the Socialist Party of Sanchez collected 29.45% of the votes and 124 deputies, much more than the 85 won in the 2016 elections, but far from the absolute majority of the 176 on the 350 in the room . It will therefore be necessary to build a heterogeneous coalition to continue to govern.

Opposite, the conservatives of the People's Party (PP) in the fall and the liberals of Ciudadanos were unable to collect the rumors to prevent it, even in alliance with the far-right party Vox, which collects 9.97% of the votes and 23 seats, according to these partial results. The PP would have 65 seats, against 137 in 2016 and Ciudadanos 57, against 32 in 2016.

Vox, practically unknown until the outbreak of the Andalusian parliament last year, brought to light the extreme right in a country where it had been insignificant since the death of Franco in 1975.

But this party is progressing by blowing voters to the Democratic Party and the Ciudadanos, so even by joining forces, these three parties could not repeat the success achieved in Andalusia, where they expelled the Socialists from their fiefdom at the beginning of the year.

Mass participation

The participation rate was 75.41%, almost nine points more than in 2016, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Pedro Sanchez voted this Sunday.

Intense negotiations

Pedro Sanchez can count on the support of Podemos – the radical left -, credited with 33 seats, but he should need that of the regionalist parties as well, a priori, Catalan separatists.

But the socialist would prefer to avoid needing the latter, who forced him to call these early elections by refusing to vote on his budget.

There remains the hypothesis of an alliance with Ciudadanos of which the leader Albert Rivera had sworn "to ward off Sanchez from power".

Valls first vote in Spain

Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls voted for the first time in Spain.

Candidate mayor of Barcelona, ​​Manuel Valls, was very enthusiastic about this premiere, at the Sant Miquel school in Barcelona, ​​in the L & # 39; Eixample district: "It is moving, a privilege, today is the future of Spain, in a month it will be Barcelona"said Manuel Valls.

A meeting of Vox disturbed by Femen

Last Friday, the last meeting of the far-right Spanish party Vox was interrupted in Madrid by Femen activists.

With the anti-Franco slogan "No pasarán"("They won't passOn their naked tits, three feminist activists managed to get on the scene of Columbus Square, before the arrival of leader Vox, Santiago Abascal, for his last election meeting with his supporters.

La Femen, who screamed "It is not patriotism, it is fascism", They were arrested by the police under the whistles of Vox supporters.

An electrician from Los Barrios (near Gibraltar) in the costume of a "romeria", a pilgrim, for San Isidro.

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