The son of Giménez Abad recognizes the ETA member ‘Ata’ as his father’s murderer: "We looked at each other and we saw each other’s faces perfectly"

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The son of Manuel Giménez Abadthe president of the PP of Aragon assassinated by ETA has appeared this morning at the National Court to ratify the recognition of Mikel Carrera Sarobe, Atalike the man who shot his father on the afternoon of May 6, 2001.

“We crossed our eyes and we saw each other’s faces perfectly,” he declared in the trial against Ata and his supposed commando partner, Miren’s Sea Knight, the willow. Borja Gimenez He has remembered that Sunday afternoon. “My father and I used to go to football. We left the house to be on time for the Romareda. After we had been walking for five minutes, a man came up from behind and shot my father. He shot her twice. My father fell to the ground and finished him off with another shot.”

That day they showed him many photographs of ETA members, but he did not recognize any of them. Nor in those that in the following years the Security Forces continued to show him. Until 2014, when the Civil Guard asked him to go to Madrid take a look at another batch of images. So yes: “I recognize the person who shot my father, a person with long and somewhat curly hair. Later, through the press, I learned that he was Karrera Sarobe.”

For an eventual conviction, as important as recognizing it is that he did so without ever having seen the image of Atawho had been arrested in 2010. “Not at all, that is the reality,” he stated when asked questions from the defense that questioned him.

Four years later there was a face-to-face recognition wheel in Paris. By then he did know that Ata he was the main suspect and had seen more photos of him in the media. But, as he has declared today, his recognition was clear: “I recognized him perfectly by his characteristic features: his gaze and his jaw.”

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