The son of Juan Manuel Santos shares a meme with his father with a dollar price

The issue gave rise to all kinds of comments since the price of the dollar shot up to its all-time high, since last Thursday, March 12, it reached a record of 4,095.60 pesos, explained by the fall in oil prices and the tail blow of the coronavirus on the world economy.

That was why Esteban picked up one of the many memes that left this issue of the dollar and shared it on his Twitter profile, since that had his father as the protagonist along with the image of a superhero (Cheetah, the one from X-Men) , who longs for those times when the dollar was priced at 1,800 pesos in Colombia.

The fact that the son of former president Juan Manuel Santos has posted that meme – in which the figure of his father stands out – is not in vain, since implicitly the image is loaded with a strong political message against the current government, thus the message is sent as a parody.

“Stop sending nonsense for fa (sic),” wrote the young man, a phrase that, although it may be valid, is nevertheless a sarcastic contribution to the political and economic debate that is taking place in the country today.

The truth is that Santos’s trill already accumulates about 22,000 ‘likes’, it has been shared by just over 2,700 people and a large majority of comments coincide with the message of the cartoon: that there are those who miss the management of former president Santos , as well as the dollar below 2,000 pesos.

Those trilling comments also included those who chose to get away from humor and take the situation seriously, and some of them ended up blaming the high price of the currency on the previous government.

But to the relief of many citizens, the dollar was traded last Friday at an average of 3,942.42 pesos on the Colombian Stock Exchange, and reached a minimum price of 3,885 pesos.

Analysts consider that this downward closure occurs, mainly, due to the global rebound in financial markets and because oil had a 6% rise, and they deny that it was due to the measures adopted by the Banco de la República to increase its liquidity and protect itself against the effects that the coronavirus may have on the national economy.

“These measurements have been done a lot of times. Let’s say the trend of the dollar depends on the global trend. Today, the dollar may go down because markets are bouncing around the world. The Banco de la República is not going to be blamed for that, the impact of the bank’s measures is marginal, tending to zero compared to the real variation or fluctuation of these assets, ”explained Orlando Santiago, manager and analyst at Fénix Valor consulted by Pulzo.


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