the son of the star “Sklifosovsky” showed blackened fingers

The young man has a scandalous reputation.

The only heir to actress Elena Yakovleva got in touch with subscribers. He presented a new track and showed changes in appearance.

Denis Shalnykh never received a higher education, although the star mother sent him to study in London, and then to the elite metropolitan television school. He does not work anywhere, but before that he tried himself in different roles: he was an actor, a kindergarten teacher, a musician. Now the heir is fond of bodybuilding and sings.

The other day, Shalnykh recorded a new track, however, according to the artist himself, he made heart-rending sounds throughout the entire composition. The son of the Sklifosovsky star vividly described the emotions that people will have to experience when they hear the song. And then he showed a new tattoo – the whole hand turned black.

“When the track with my fit comes out, you will all have inoperable hemorrhoids. Forgive me, but you have to cut everything from the bottom to the waist, ”quotes the words of Crazy“Express newspaper».

Photo source: Screenshot “Denis Shalnykh”/Social networks

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