The Spanish Navy intercepts a Russian submarine and a tugboat near the waters of the Balearic Islands

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A Spanish ship has intercepted a Russian submarine and a tugboat that were transiting through the western Mediterranean seaspecifically south of the Balearic Islands, but they did not enter Spanish territorial waters. They were escorted until they left the area.

Specifically, it was on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 11, when the maritime action ship ‘Ray’ detected a Kilo II class submarine and the tugboat ‘Sergey Balk’ close to the Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The ‘Rayo’ began its escort of the Russian war units south of the Balearic Islands and continued until it left the waters of Spanish responsibility, according to a statement from the Defense Staff (EMAD).

From the Ministry of Defence They emphasize that the submarine and the tugboat did not enter Spanish territorial waters but were in waters of Spanish interest, which Spain has the responsibility of monitoring. They also point out that the escort process is routine and for all ships that approach these areas of interest.

The ‘Lightning’ is integrated into the Maritime Operational Command, under operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS) since October 1. Until the interception of the Russian war units, its mission was that of Maritime Surveillance Operations, consisting of maritime traffic verification and control activities, supervision of fishing activity within the limits of the EEZ and protection of maritime lines. of communication in the area of ​​interest.

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