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09:40: Neymar returns to Barça, episode 12.874

We will start this day with a document from Mundo in Spain. A document that will make Parisian fans laugh or worry at the highest point. In fact, the media announce that Neymar has never stopped talking with the leaders of Barcelona to discuss a return to Ctaalogne, with this title "Neymar, who regrets having signed the PSG, aspires to return to Barca. it would still be necessary that 1. Barça lost at least 300 million and 2. that the PSG agreed to let go of its star, in other words, it is not won.

>> The opinion of the publishing market: The recent updates by Neymar do not support this information. Afterwards, when we know the cunning of the player's clan and especially the father, we can not completely exclude this possibility. But we can also see the continuation of the Barça-PSG war by the inter-state press. Personally, he starts gently to get drunk to read this, but hey, the Mundo is not frankly what we can call a tabloid for Spanish. So be careful. But I will bathe anyway giving you the credibility rate of this information in my eyes: 10%.


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