The special unit puts aside the shooting of Morten Michelsen in Bergen – NRK Vestland

In it recent decision concludes those with the shot from the police were fired in a emergency situation.

– They went no further than necessary to ward off the attack and did not openly go beyond what was justifiable, the Special Unit concludes.

Morten Michelsen (39) received three shots in the upper body during the action to the police.

The police officers have explained that the 39-year-old had a knife in his hand during the incident and there were also several fires in the upstairs.

It was Bergens Tidende which first had information about the closure from the Special Unit for Police Affairs.

Parents in shock

Lawyer Kjetil Ottesen is the assistance lawyer for the survivors in the case. To NRK, he says that Michelsen’s parents react with disbelief that the case will be dropped.

– It is incomprehensible to them that it was considered non-criminal to shoot Morten, says Ottesen.

It was on the evening of Monday 21 December last year that naudetatane moved out to Ibsens gate in Bergen, where there was a report of disorderly conduct.

The action even with 39-year-old Morten Michelsen being shot by the police. He later died of his injuries in hospital.

– The police are responsible

Michelsen was admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Sandviken in December 2020, but was discharged only hours before the incident in Ibsens gate.

The bereaved have been preoccupied with getting answers about the use of force by the police was necessary and justifiable.

Ottesen emphasizes that the police were on a health assignment.

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– Then they have a great responsibility to implement this in a safe and secure way. The police were in the majority, have special expertise and had firearms with them. That such a situation ends with three fatal shots in the chest is impossible for them to understand and accept.

POLICE SHOOTING: Large forces moved out to Ibsens gate in Bergen on 21 December. One man was shot by the police, and later died of his injuries.

Photo: Eivind Senneset / NTB

Knocked on the door

Four police officers who were directly involved in the incident have had the status of suspects.

The special unit has reconstructed the incident and has also had access to Michelsen’s own audio recordings of the incident.

To the special unit, they have explained that they were standing on the landing outside Michelsen’s apartment. They lined up after slamming his door.

– The special unit has assumed that Michelsen then got out of the apartment and moved quickly towards the police with a knife in hand, it is stated in the decision.

A police officer then reacted by firing three shots at a short distance in Michelsen’s upper body.

– The results of the investigation speak strongly against the person in question committing a criminal act. Corresponding debt for the police say assignment solution as a whole, says the Special Unit.

Dramatic minute

Prior to the shooting, a lot of smoke and the smell of petrol had been reported in the entrance to the apartment building.

The course of events in the last two minutes was as follows:

  • About 22.32 – two minutes before the shooting: Emergency medical director reports that residents are trapped and that there is a smell of petrol in the stairwell. At the same time, a police patrol sees that a man lit something inside an apartment and that they will try to enter. The fire brigade saw open flames in the window and started extinguishing.
  • About 22.34: The patrol reports back that they have shot one person.

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