Technology The spectacular image of the "birth" of a planet...

The spectacular image of the “birth” of a planet captured by astronomers from Chile


Astronomers believe the image shows the rise of a new planet.

More than 520 light-years from Earth, in the Auriga constellation, scientists believe they have first spotted a “birth.”

There, in a nebula near a young star, the AB Aurigae, astronomers caught what they estimate to be the formation of a new planet.

The finding was made using the Very Large Telescope (VLT), a telescope system of the European Southern Observatory, located on a mountain near Antofagasta, Chile.

Research published Wednesday in the magazine Astronomy & Astrophysics indicates that the photo may be the first direct evidence of such a phenomenon.

What does the picture show?

Astronomers indicate that the image shows a spiral structure with a “fold” near the center, suggesting that it is the formation of a new world.

According Astronomy & Astrophysics, the bands visible are “an impressive dust spiral” caused by the baby planet trying to “kick” into the gas from the star system.

AB Aurigae is a young star surrounded by a thick disk of cold gas and dust, which astronomers say are suitable ingredients for forming a planet.

According to NASA, the particles surrounding these young stars are only 1/50 the diameter of a human hair, but gravitational forces unite gas and dust, and sometime between 1 and 10 million years later, All that collision results in a planetary body.

Although scientists have seen “baby” planets on other occasions, it is believed that this is the first time that they have managed to capture one in the process of formation.

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