the spectator with the sign judged Thursday

She had held up a sign in June on the road to the Tour de France, causing a massive fall and the abandonment of several runners: a spectator of the Grande Boucle appears Thursday before the Criminal Court of Brest for a “stupidity“to strong media coverage.

The young woman, 31 years old and living in the north of Finistère, is being prosecuted for “endangering others“, also for “unintentional injuries“resulting in incapacity for work”not exceeding 3 months“. She incurs a fine of up to 15,000 euros and a one-year prison sentence.

On June 26, in the town of Sizun, 45 km from the finish of the first stage of the Tour, part of Brest, she waved a sign encroaching on the road, her back to the peloton.

Several runners, launched at high speed, could not avoid it. German Tony Martin, the first to fall, had dragged down many other cyclists. Many had been injured and some forced to abandon, like the German Yasha Sutterlin (DSM).

On the sign, the young woman had written “Go opi-omi!“which means in German:”Come on grandpa!

It was “an affectionate message for the attention of his grandparents, unconditional and assiduous spectators of the Tour de France“, explained at the beginning of July during a press conference the public prosecutor of Brest Camille Miansoni, specifying that his grandmother was of German origin.

The images of this woman, dressed in a yellow raincoat, wearing a green cap and holding up her sign with a broad smile on her lips before being struck by the peloton, had been around the world, unleashing strong media interest as she could not be found for several days.

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The respondent expressed a feeling of shame, of fear in the face of the consequences of his act. She says she is anxious by the media coverage of what she calls ‘her stupidity’“, underlined Mr. Miansoni about this woman presented as”fragile“.

It was only four days after the incident, and when a call for witnesses had been launched, that she went to the Landerneau gendarmerie, in charge of the investigation, no longer supporting the media pressure. In the process she had been placed in police custody.

His lawyer Julien Bradmetz told AFP on Monday that he would not communicate on this matter. From a source close to the case, he could plead the poor organization of the race and the lack of security. The 108th edition of the Grande Boucle was marked by many falls and abandonments.

The Tour de France which had initially announced its intention to file a complaint against the young woman had finally given up saying that it wanted “calm things down“.

On the other hand, the international organization Professional Cyclists Associates (CPA), based in Switzerland, maintained its complaint. “It was a really irresponsible action“, judged on Tuesday with AFP Laura It must, general secretary of the only association of cyclists recognized by the International Cycling Union (UCI).

The runners had to suffer very serious consequences“, she underlined, saying however that the CPA did not intend to ask for financial compensation.”We are not here to ask for money, but to ask for more respect and responsibility from the public“, she assured.

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