The speed of the famous asteroid Bennu increases, the researchers are stalled


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For reasons unknown at this stage, the researchers established the steady increase in the speed of rotation of the Bennu asteroid, a celestial body evolving about 110 million kilometers from Earth, reports Live Science.

The rotation speed of the famous asteroid Bennu is constantly increasing, reports Live Science, adding that the cause that can explain such a phenomenon has not yet been identified.

"With the increase in speed, things have to change, so we will look for these things and by noticing that speed we will provide some clues as to what kind of things we should be looking for," said Mike Nolan, a geophysicist from Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the # 39; Arizona University, head of the OSIRIS-REx scientific group.

"We should look for evidence that something different was in the past rather recent and that it is conceivable that things could change over time," he added.

For the moment, the reasons that can explain this increase in Bennu's speed have not yet been established by Mike Nolan's team.

Discovered in 1999, Bennu has a diameter of about 500 meters and describes a 1.2-year orbit around the Sun. The OSIRIS-REx probe landed on Bennu in December 2018 to study the rock and obtain further information on the origins of the 39; universe. A rock sample is expected to be collected using its manipulator arm, but sampling was more difficult than expected due to the amount of large rocks on the surface.



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