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So the champion of FC Bayern, Bremen, must win

Hello and welcome to the sports day on Friday.

Lewandowski sees Bayern in an upward trend.

Lewandowski sees Bayern in an upward trend.(Photo: imago / ULMER Pressebildagentur)

Already clear, most eyes should be directed to Hamburg today, which is not because of the resident sports club, but at the CDU party congress. However, there is no reason not to be interested in sports, on the contrary!

The colleague Anja Rau is already engaged in the preview of the 14th Bundesliga match (again, it is not about the HSV). The start will be in the evening (at 20.30 live ticker on with the match of Werder Bremen against Fortuna Dusseldorf. Shortly to the starting position: Fortuna comes last and has 13 – sometimes quite ordinary, but sometimes very weak – the games have so far only got nine points. The Werder has the ninth place and has double the counters. Werder has not won, but five games. The seasonal goal The participation of the European Cup is therefore in danger. The whole preview – including Revierderby – we have the afternoon for you.

The highlight of the day (mine anyway), however, is increasing in France. Since the young German handball team starts in the second group stage, for the Henk Groener team a first success. The successful coach, however, trusts his company more surprises, perhaps even against Spain? The killer will be inaugurated at 18:00, will broadcast live, in color and for free.

  • Otherwise, Robert Lewandowski told the "picture" how Bayern can still be champion and why it's not so bad to be a hunter instead of hunting for a change.
  • Meanwhile, the DFB advises the reform of the regional championship and the behavior of the fans, that is: mass protests. The first decisions are scheduled for the afternoon.
  • Finally we arrive at the HSV: play tonight in the 2nd league against SC Paderborn 07, the parallel receives Jahn Regensburg the 1st FC Cologne (both 18.30 clock).

Enjoy the reading.



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