The Spring-Summer 2021 collection is presented online by Modivo

A Modivo and An online fashion show organized by the company in 2021 built the presentation of the spring-summer 2021 collection around the energetic motifs of wind and water. The main theme is the wind blowing through the scenic scenes, proclaiming positive energy and a desire for exciting change. Seascapes, big waves, shimmering sand and other landscapes perfectly complemented the styles of the season. THE Supervision Fashion Show his set was crowned by energetic music, especially for the event, which created a unique atmosphere.

Behind us is a wonderful event that reflects our passion for fashion and technology, combining current trends and inspirations with high quality products. We are extremely proud to have safely presented our portfolio of the latest global collections, which we have planned for the spring-summer season of 2021, despite the epidemic and the difficulties that come with it – said Marcin Grzymkowski, CEO of SA.

GUESS Karolina Pisarek

Photo: Modivo

Organized by the premium branded webshop and its co-brand, the show also featured famous brands such as a Converse, a Guess, a New Balance, a Liu Jo, a John Richmond és Rage Age. Among other things, you can see the creations of top stylists from international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Glamor.

At Modivo & Supervision Fashion Show The presentation of his pieces is marked by the names of well-known models such as Monika JAC Jagaciak, who opened and closed the show, as well as Karolina Pisarek, Sandra Kubicka, as well as Jakob Kosel and Piotr Czaykowski, Sebastian Chłodnicki.

I appreciate working with people and the energy I got from them. There was a lack of atmosphere in people and fashion shows. In addition to bringing this online event together, it was a lot of fun to meet everyone and work together on a big project like Modivo and Supervision Fashion Show Said Monika Jagaciak, top model.

Polish top model Monika Jagaciak

Polish top model Monika Jagaciak

Photo: Modivo

About the 2021 collection

Monochrome, sporty elegance and the business casual style line come to the fore in the collection. The show features high fashion style garments, as well as comfortable, leisure and business casual sets with a modern twist. The monochrome total look in trendy beige, the boho details and eclectic reference to the 80s and 90s, as well as the comfortable styles – sportswear, trousers and sweaters made of the highest quality materials – are the new Modivo and that main directions of his collections. While the current situation is not conducive to wearing evening dresses, these fantastic dress poems could not be missed from the show either.

Let’s see the guidelines in their details!

The hottest trends: high fashion

The hottest trends of the spring-summer season of 2021 appeared in the interpretation of the stylists at Modivo & Supervision Fashion Show on the runway. Monochrome appearances were mainly shown in pastel shades such as blue, pink and beige. Boho impressions are also strongly represented in the latest collections: in the form of ruffled, wicker baskets and fine sandals that are ideal for summer.

Fashion and comfort: athleisure

Athleisure style in short: sporty elegance in a fashionable form. Contrary to temporary seasonal trends, athleisure has become a sustainable choice that introduces multifunctional fashion into our everyday lives. The casual or even elegant combination of sports elements is not new in the world of fashion. For a while, women have been smuggling sneakers, leotards or even boyfriend style into their look, thus winning original and comfortable yet stylish combinations. It works the other way around: a trendy athleisure look can also be created by pairing casual clothes and sportswear.

ICEBERG Anna Markowska

Photo: Modivo

Dress up: business casual

Finding the right balance between professional and casual styles can sometimes be challenging – without clear rules to follow, business casual style is one of the most confusing clothing styles. So during the presentation appearances of a modern version of the business casual style were presented, which can prove to be an extremely useful form of inspiration for many of us. Original, eclectic entanglements emerged on the runway, including warm-up pants combined with oversized shirts and a sneaker, as well as elegant tops, loose-bottomed pants, and elegant high heels.

John Richmond

Photo: Modivo

Would you check out the unusual fashion show online, the hottest pieces of the spring-summer season? Thenclick here!

The technology partners of the exhibition were Mastercard and PayU.


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