The star “Na Wsplnej” got married! The actor will choose an unusual suit. Miss fashion wore a lace dress [ZDJCIA]

Dawid Czupryski, though he has a rich cinematographic CV, became recognizable thanks to the role of Bruno in the series “Na Wsplnej”. The 31-year-old apparently doesn’t have much, nomen omen, in common with the characters he plays, and he has more happiness in love than the series character who, after parting ways with Malwin, jumps from flower to flower and is still looking for a second cover.

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Dawid Czupelki will marry a long-term partner, Patrycja

A handsome actor on Friday, August 14, will stand on the wedding carpet. Dawid Czupryski will lead his long-time partner, Patricia, in front of the altar. You young people liked their love, faithfulness and that they would not abandon themselves until their death in Warsaw’s Sadyba, in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

“or it is the crowning achievement of our love. It is a mature and responsible decision. We want to be together for good and for good. Besides, it is a great experience, because I have never stepped on a wedding carpet. I am ready for anything – I can be moved, jump and jump. with joy, and even lose consciousness “- admits the happy Fashion Man.

Who is Patrycja, she is Dawid Czupryski?

The actor’s beloved is Patrycja, with whom Czupelki met over 5 years ago, on vacation on the Batyn River. He is an editor by profession. She graduated from the Film School, which she went to after the Art Secondary School in Warsaw.

For many fans of Dawid Czupryski or perhaps it may be a surprise. Although the actor and his chosen one have been meeting since 2015, they are vainly looking for their joint photos.

See photos from Zalubina. What do you wish them?

or Dawid Czupryski AKPA

or Dawid Czupryski AKPA

or Dawid Czupryski AKPA

or Dawid Czupryski AKPA

or Dawid Czupryski AKPA

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