The star of “Black Panther” dramatically lost weight and made fans worry: Cinema: Culture:

American actor Chadwick Bowzman, star of the Marvel superhero movie “Black Panther”, recorded a video message on Instagram in which he spoke about a charity project during the coronavirus pandemic. The fans of the artist in the comments began to worry about the fact that he looks extremely thin.

42-year-old Bozeman spoke about Operation 42, a project designed to help American hospitals serving African-Americans amid a coronavirus pandemic. Its subscribers began to discuss why the actor could lose weight so dramatically.

“I hope you’re fine, you look completely different,” one commentator wrote. The artist was asked to release a separate post explaining his own health.

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“I didn’t even recognize him at first. I don’t like this weight loss, bro, ”wrote another user.

In the comments, they also started joking with Bozeman, recalling the plot of Black Panther. “A nigga ate vibranium diet pills,” wrote the author of the most popular commentary. “Have you been tested on a vaccine?” Asked another internet user.

Journalists of the New York Post tried to find out from the representatives of the actor about his state of health, but did not receive an answer. Portal Screen Rant suggested that Bowzman dramatically lost weight for filming Spike Lee’s epic war drama Five Companions.

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