A shower of stars called “Eta Aquarids” can be seen in the sky between May 5 and 7, mainly.

Astronomy The Starfall of the Eta Acuridas arrives A starfall called “Eta Aquarids” can be observed in the sky between May 5 and 7, mainly.

The star shower “Eta Aquarids” is an astronomical phenomenon that can be seen every year in the sky. Its origin is related to Halley’s Comet and can be observed at the beginning of May of each year, since it coincides with the moment when our planet crosses the orbital path of the famous comet, which approaches the interior of the solar system every 76 years (the last time in 1986).

On his Twitter account, Physics Mar Gómez analyzed the phenomenon and explained that “after its passage, this comet leaves debris of dust and meteoroids on its tail. Every time Earth intercepts one of these fragments, they penetrate the atmosphere at over 200,000 km / h, producing a meteor or shooting star as a result of its disintegration in the atmosphere. ”

On the other hand, it is not the only time in the year that something similar happens. The shower of stars called “Orionids” is seen every October, and the explanation of why the phenomenon is based on the fact that Earth crosses the orbit of Halley’s Comet again.

To be able to appreciate it, astronomers assure that a telescope is not necessary, it is enough to observe the sky in the direction of the Aquarius star from a sufficiently dark place. That is, without so much light pollution.

On the other hand, they recommend not waiting until May 7 to try to catch a glimpse of the “Eta Aquarids” since on that day we will also have a full moon, the supermoon of flowers, and the bright light of this can make it difficult to observe.

Beyond that in the named period of 3 days is the most recommended time to observe this astronomical event, Gómez indicated that “the period of this astronomical phenomenon lasts for a month, since it begins on April 20 of each year and culminates approximately on May 20. ”


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