The stars of the series "Kana Imbareh" review the features of the new OPPO F9 – Masrawy phone



Sunday 09 December 2018

Editorial announcement

World leader in smartphones, OPPO has launched the new OPPO F9 this year as a huge success in several countries of the world, particularly in Egypt, with a full range of innovative technologies such as the double rear camera, the new gradient colors and the VOOC flash charge, which revolutionized smartphone design and attracted young consumers in their ability to meet their needs in all aspects of life.

OPPO has collaborated with three emerging young people, as "Ambassadors" of the OPPO F9 brand, and spoke about the role played by the telephone in his professional and personal lives.

Although Mohammed Al-Sharnoubi, the rising star Hoda Al-Mufti and young star Khaled Anwar have different interests and lifestyles, they agree on the big role that the phone plays in communicating with a large number of fan.

Mohammed Al Sharnoubi Experience with VOOC

"I respect the weather a lot and I try to get to my posts soon," said Mohammed Al Sharnoubi, a rising star of the express delivery service VOOC. "Sometimes I do not have enough hours a day to carry out all my homework … What I did is the express delivery VOOC function from the F9 OPPO phone where I can now charge the phone for 5 minutes and use it for two hours without interruption, which helped me save a lot of time.

F9 Camera OPPO Gate Connect Charnopi to her fans

In addition, Al-Sharnoubi announced the release of his first album after the success of the song "The Psychological", new in the center of the song. Al-Sharnoubi added that social media such as Facebook and Instagram allow his music to reach as many fans as possible, so F9 OPPO uses 25 megapixels to capture its personal image and capture high-definition video from the Water Drop 6 screen. , 3 inches to publish directly on social network sites to share with his fans all new on his music.

The gradual colors of OPPO F9 are in line with the taste of Mufti

Model and emerging star Huda Al Mufti expressed her admiration for the "Make It Beautiful" theory and her association with the OPPO strategy to commercialize her new products for a larger group of young people: this is the new design progressive color of the FPO OP9, OPPO has inspired the design of the colors shaded by landscapes such as the starry sky, dawn and the color of twilight. Starry Purple, Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue from OPPO F9 offer a blend of technology and art.

"The idea of ​​the OPPO collaboration with the Ahmed Azzam bag designer was a great way to support local industry by creating a fashion group inspired by the OPPO F9 style and presented at the Cairo Fashion Festival," said Mufti. .

Khaled Anwar talks about #StayWithAttention

"OPPO has successfully combined four talents – fashion, music and acting – as these three areas are the most interesting for today's young talents: OPPO provides real support for the arts that offer new jobs for young people", said 22-year-old Khalid Anwar. Everyday. "

Anwar also talked about the latest OPPO message #StayWithAttention, which highlights young talent, helps them communicate with the public and gives them the attention and support of art leaders.

"The OPPO F9 offers a high resolution camera lens that allows you to present yourself well to help attract professionals and keep in touch with the masses."



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