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The State Duma has adopted a draft law on the work of fitness centers

In a meeting on 24 July, the State Duma adopted a draft law on the regulation of work in fitness centers in the third and final reading. This is stated in the message on the website of the lower house of parliament.

The document determines the status of the fitness centers, their rights and duties and also regulates the work of the employees of the organizations. In particular, fitness centers will be able to prepare citizens for renouncing TRP standards and conduct official sports and physical education activities. They can also be members of national and international sports associations and set standards for the quality of services.

Among the requirements for fitness centers in the document indicated guarantee the safety of citizens during lessons, as well as the involvement of professional staff and the provision of conditions to improve their skills.

The government has asked Members to clarify the term "suitability"

"One of the main goals of the state is to increase, by 2024, up to 55% of the percentage of citizens systematically involved in physical culture and sport," said Mikhail Degtyarev, president of the Duma committee for physical culture, sport, tourism and youth issues. At the same time, he noted, over 7 million people regularly attend fitness clubs. According to him, "the legal consolidation of the requirements for the quality and safety of fitness services <…> approaching the achievement of a strategic objective ".



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