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A developer has removed his game from Steam for the future exclusive release in the Epic Games Store. Players were told they had to accept the decision.

With the Epic games shop I just want the FortniteDevelopers to launch a new video game store. This comes into direct competition vaporwhich have a de facto monopoly on the PC market.

Part of the concept is not only an interesting range of different titles, but also the distribution of free games and various exclusive games. To attract developers to their store, Epic Games has a challenge: the studios have only 12% margin, on Steam, 30%.

Epic games shop
Epic games shop
The developer of Fortnite wants to make Steam an appropriate competition

Change is no longer possible

The producers of the Goat Simulator, Coffee Stain Studios, come to the point of giving them their new title Satisfactory, given the promised terms full remove from Steam. For some days, the title is available exclusively in the Epic Games Store, where you can subscribe to the Alpha.

The Coffee Stain Studios Community Manager explained in a statement:

"I know a lot of people now have a clear opinion on the subject." "Cool, be that opinion. […] I wish I could have told you sooner. But I was not allowed. I could not say it in the past months and even in the past few days I could not say anything. This is incredibly frustrating. And yes … it's like that, unfortunately. […] By the way, it had nothing to do with the new margin, we learned it only a few days ago. "

Satisfactory epic game shop


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