The storm Frederico sneaks into the summer of San Martín with strong wind and rough seas in the Cantabrian Sea

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The summer of San Martin will continue this Thursday for another day with sun and pleasant temperatures in most of Spain, although the storm Frederico It will affect the north of the peninsula with intense wind and bad seas in the Cantabrian Sea.

The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that stable weather will continue in much of the country, with a predominance of slightly cloudy skies or with intervals of medium and high clouds. However, the passage of an Atlantic front, associated with the Frederico storm, will leave cloudy or overcast skies in the northwest and north of the peninsula with precipitation, generally weak, that will affect Galiciathe environment of Cantabrian and the western Pyrenees.

This storm was named this Wednesday by Météo-France because it will abundant rains in France, but it will barely affect Spain.

The rains this Thursday will be more abundant in the west of Galicia, where they could become locally strong or persistent, and will move from west to east throughout the day, although they will tend to stop in the northwest at the end of the day. In a weak and occasional way, it is not ruled out that they affect other points in the northern third of the peninsula.

Likewise, abundant low morning cloudiness is expected in large areas of the rest of the Atlantic slope and interior of the northeast, as well as in Balearicsthe Strait and the area of ​​the Alboranwith the probability of causing morning mists and fogs, especially in valley areas, and more persistently in Galicia, mountain areas in the extreme north of the peninsula and the middle of Guadiana.

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