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The Lord of the heavens”, In addition to having delighted the public throughout its seven seasons, it made the recording studios form important links within the cast, something that was demonstrated by the friendship that emerged between four of its main actresses: Fernanda Castillo ( Mónica Robles), Carmen Aub (Rutila Casillas), Sabrina Seara (Esperanza Salvatierra) and Gala Montes (Luz Marina), who did not hesitate to meet again in Mexico.

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Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of “Diseñando tu amor” shared several images of the meeting and told why they met again. The main reason that led them to see each other again will break your heart, since it was for a good cause.


The four actresses of “The Lord of the Skies” met again in Mexico on October 13, 2021 to raise awareness about breast cancer., a disease that twice attacked Gala’s mother, from which she was able to emerge victorious.

“Much love and admiration for the friends that this medium left me. What a pleasure to see you. Cantaloas forever. Thank you for putting yourself in the shoes of thousands of women with breast cancer and helping us raise awareness each pink October “wrote the 21-year-old actor.

Immediately, Fernanda Castillo replied: “I love you very much my Gala and I admire what you do for this important cause for women”, something that Sabrina Seara also did: “My beautiful Gala. I loved seeing you fulfilled, succeeding and most importantly, happy “ and finally Carmen Aub wrote: “I adore them”.

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One of the several images that the 21-year-old actress shared on her social network about her reunion with her friends in Mexico (Photo: Gala Montes / Instagram)


Although, the reunion moved the followers of the actresses, The protagonist of “Diseñando tu amor” was shocked when she noticed that Instagram deleted her post, forcing her to share the image again.

“In 2015 I was filming with these 3 women and they just detected breast cancer in my mother. They were a great support to me from the day they detected it until the day they told them it had been eradicated. I still remember that dinner celebrating that my mom was finally okay! After 6 years and two battles against cancer, year after year they support me to encourage early detection and reduce the risk of death from this disease “the young woman pointed out.

And then, again, she thanked her friends, whom she affectionately calls the ‘Cantaloas’, for supporting her in this crusade and for using her image in a positive way to pay attention to a very important issue. “Thank you because you have always been part of this, because you care about the women of Mexico and because you use your voice in a positive way, because you have an important voice! Let’s make breast cancer a disease of the past “.

Upon realizing this, Seara did not hesitate to reproach the actions of said social network. “They erased it for showing something that is a reality. We are supporting and creating awareness and so many others who create inappropriate content on networks if they do not download it “. “It’s right”Montes replied to her friend.

This is the photograph that Instagram deleted and the 21-year-old actress posted again when she realized the fact (Photo: Gala Montes / Instagram)
This is the photograph that Instagram deleted and the 21-year-old actress posted again when she realized the fact (Photo: Gala Montes / Instagram)


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