The Story Behind the Success of Borneo FC Invites Wawan Febriyanto


The action of Tira Persikabo’s player, Wawan Febriyanto in the match against Kateng Putera at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor Regency, Friday (26/7/2019).



BOLASPORT.COM – Wawan Febriyanto officially left Tira Persikabo.

The player with the attacking position decided to join together Borneo FC for League 1 2021.

The arrival of Wawan Febriyanto to Borneo FC arguably quite surprising.

The reason is, before joining Borneo FC, Wawan Febriyanto actually approached him first PSS Sleman before the 2021 Menpora Cup rolls around.

PSS Sleman introduced eight new players including Wawan Febriyanto.

This situation changed 90 degrees when Wawan Febriyanto was still included in the squad Tira Persikabo for a trial against the Indonesian U-22 national team in early February.

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Even though the status of Wawan Febriyanto has officially joined PSS Sleman.

Not long after, Wawan Febriyanto also announced that he would resign from PSS Sleman for certain reasons.


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