The Story of a Man on Sick Leave for 15 Years, Earning IDR 1 Billion, Still Demanding a Salary Increase


Companies generally provide relief to employees who experience illness. Employees are allowed time off from work without deducting their annual leave and still be paid as it is usually only a few days or weeks. Because of this, a man shocked the public when he found out that he had been on sick leave for 15 years and could still demand a raise.

A man named Ian Clifford has been absent from work for 15 years due to illness. Even so, the technology company IBM still pays the man who originally worked in the IT field. Reported by Oddity Central, he gets £ 54,000 or around Rp. 1 billion every year. Although the company has been kind, Ian is not satisfied because his salary has not increased like an ordinary employee.

The man from England initially started working at the American software company, Locus Development in 2000 which was later acquired by IBM. On sick leave since September 2008, he started complaining about a pay increase in 2013. At that time, IBM offered him a compromise agreement where he allowed him to enter into a disability program that guaranteed pay even if he was not required to work until he recovered, retired, or died.

Ian finally got paid 75% of the salary he promised for the last 15 years without working. The man also received the vacation compensation money he demanded in 2013. But still not satisfied, this year he again tried to sue IBM in the UK employment trial because he felt he had been treated unfairly by the company.

“The point of this plan is to give security to employees who can’t work. It’s not acceptable if the payments are frozen forever,” Ian told a hearing complaining that his salary is not increasing as inflation rises.

Unfortunately the judge disagreed with Ian Clifford. The case was actually dismissed by the court but recently went viral again. Most people criticize Ian for complaining about his salary even though he has never worked.


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