The Story of a Woman Stuck in Lockdown at Her Blind Date House


A sudden lockdown in China has reportedly left a woman trapped in the house of a man she met on a blind date.

One woman, identified only by her surname Wang, posted her experience on Chinese social media platform WeChat last week.

In the post, Wang said that he had just returned to Zhengzhou City from Guangzhou ahead of the Lunar New Year.

“I’m quite old, so my parents arranged more than 10 blind dates for me,” she said in this post.

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Wang wrote that the man on his fifth date was “good at cooking, and invited me to his house so he could cook”.

However, while eating his meal, he realized that his date’s neighborhood had quickly been quarantined due to the Covid-19 case, so he couldn’t leave the man’s house for a few days.

Wang told media on Sunday (09/01) that he had been trapped for four days at his date’s house, and the situation was “not ideal”.

However, Wang said his date had been cooking meals for him every day when they were stranded together.

Shenzhen TV Wang said his date cooked and cleaned the house for him Wang said his date had cooked for him.AFPWang said his date invited him around to show off his cooking skills

Wang added, “the man doesn’t talk much”.

It’s not clear if he’s still stuck at his date’s house. However, Covid-19 cases are still present in Zhengzhou in recent days.

There have been more than 100 Covid-19 cases in Zhengzhou over the past week, reports the Global Times newspaper.

Non-essential businesses were ordered to close on Tuesday (11/01) in the city, and the government briefly held a large-scale Covid-19 test to testing 12.6 million people the city to find people carrying Covid-19.

China has a zero Covid-19 policy, meaning that rapid lockdowns are routinely enforced in the community when cases of the virus are detected.

Wang isn’t the only person in recent weeks who has found himself unconscious in the midst of a fast-paced lockdown.

Last month, a man found himself in lockdown amid a house move in the northern city of Xi’an.

The man told the media that he wasn’t even allowed to collect luggage from his car, and had to asked the neighbor if he could borrow a blanket.

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