The story of banning the presentation of Ramiz Jalal’s mold with Nabil Obaid

Press reports were published about the failure to broadcast the episode of the artist Nabila Obeid on the official Ramez Majnoon program on the screen, despite her appearance in the promotional show, and the artist Ramez Jalal himself spoke about the montage in the episode and its paragraphs.

A state of tension with Nabila Obeid’s ring in Ramez Majnoon official, where official press reports indicated that the template will not appear on the screen of MBC Egypt, after the big star attended the photography, dressed in a dress unlike other artists who attended casual clothes, which spoiled Ramez Celal implementation of the template.

While some press reports indicate that the mold of Nabila Obeid will not be shown on the screen, because he was not executed at all because she was wearing a dress, other sources say that the episode will be shown, but the episode will be a paragraph of the artist Arwa and Ramiz Jalal will appear and run Funny talk with the able star.

So far, the idea of ​​displaying the mold of Nabila Obaid in the official Ramiz Majnoon has not been confirmed, and Ramiz Jalal had spoken on the program “Happening in Egypt” days before the start of Ramadan, that he had modified his mold with the star Nabila Obaid, indicating that he had not pressed it during the implementation Vertebrae vertebrae due to age factor and health conditions.

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