The story of Ciana TKW in Taiwan wants to return to Indonesia, unexpectedly the employer says words like this

BANGKAPOS.COM — This is the story experienced by one of the Female Workers (TKW) in Taiwan named Ciana.

He plans to return to Indonesia because he wants to get married.

It is known that Ciana has worked in Hong Kong for 6 years.

He revealed this in a video on the CianaNgomels YouTube channel reported by on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

The decision of the Taiwanese TKW to return to Indonesia is because they will soon get married.

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Previously, Ciana worked as a Taiwanese migrant worker in charge of taking care of Akong, her elderly employer.

Akong’s condition is already old, so he needs TKW to take care of and serve all his needs.

On the last day of work, the Taiwanese TKW was still ready to serve Akong, an employer who was considered like her own grandfather.

Even until the seconds of his return to Indonesia, Ciana seemed difficult to leave Akong.

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Indeed, reportedly there will be another TKW who will replace Ciana’s job to take care of Akong.

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