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LAMPUNG, – Arrival of the Governor of Central Java, Pranowo reward, from Lampung make a special impression.

reward meet his family who became transmigrant decades ago.

Bambang Iriyanto walked quickly and immediately hugged Ganjar who had just gotten out of the car when he arrived at Sukoharjo 1 Pringsewu, Friday (21/1/2022) afternoon.

“Ya, Allah, Gusti, reach my house really this (until my house is right this). Thank God (Thank God),” said Bambang as he continued to hug Ganjar.

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Bambang is Ganjar’s cousin when he was still living in Tawangmangu, Central Java. Decades ago, Bambang took care of little Ganjar.

However, since his transmigration to Pringsewu Lampung, Bambang had never met Ganjar until yesterday.

KOMPAS.COM/TRI PURNA JAYA Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo met his family who became transmigrants in Lampung.

This middle-aged man then invited Ganjar into the house and introduced him to his wife and children.

After reminiscing, Bambang called his older brother, Sri Kaptini, who lives in Bandar Lampung.

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Sri also had time to talk to Ganjar since he was a child.

“This is Ganjar at my house, ma’am (this is Ganjar to my house),” said Bambang in a video call.

Ganjar, who came for the appointment of Gadjah Mada (Kagama) Alumni Family manager in Bandar Lampung on Friday night, promised to stop at Sri’s house.

“Well, I’m in Bandar Lampung, ma’am. I won’t go later (I’ll play later),” said Ganjar.

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Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo met his family who became transmigrants in Lampung.KOMPAS.COM/TRI PURNA JAYA Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo met his family who became transmigrants in Lampung.

After the inauguration ceremony, Ganjar headed for Sri’s house. When Ganjar came, Sri, who was 77 years old, immediately hugged Ganjar tightly and burst into tears.

“Owalah deck, O Allah,” said Sri while crying and continued to hug Ganjar.

Ganjar seemed happy to chat with the two cousins ​​who had taken care of him since he was little.

Memories of living together in Tawangmangu and Kutoharjo reappear. They reminisce, reminisce about old stories.

“Ganjar’s father is my father’s brother, so he is very close. I have joined Ganjar’s father’s family since Ganjar was not born. So I know very well because yes, I was the one who spoke first, from birth to adulthood,” said Sri.

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When asked whether Ganjar was naughty or not, Sri said Ganjar was not naughty.

However, there is a unique memory that still lingers, namely Ganjar always throws the pacifier when the contents don’t match.

“The small reward is not naughty, but yes, if you drink a pacifier and it doesn’t fit, the contents are immediately thrown away. He chooses the pacifier, he doesn’t want milk, he wants tea. If the contents of the pacifier don’t match or are a little lacking, then throw it away immediately,” Sri said with laughter. Reward beside him.

Ganjar said that he deliberately stopped by Bambang and Sri’s house because there was an event in Lampung. In between the event, he took the time to visit the house of his two cousins.

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“Yes, this is while I am having an inauguration ceremony for the Gadjah Mada Alumni Family in Lampung, this is my brother who has taken care of me since childhood. They are cousins, so Pakdhe’s son is with my father. So he is the one who teaches me, he is like a big brother myself,” said Ganjar.

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Ganjar said he was touched to meet the two brothers. Because they haven’t seen each other for decades, since the two of them transmigrated to Lampung.

“So I came to see, I was touched too. It’s like nostalgia. Yes, I haven’t seen you since I was little, when I wasn’t gray. I think I was separated from 5th grade. We don’t see each other again, imagine that it’s been decades now. nostalgia,” said Ganjar.

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