The story of Nachito, the hero dog who gave his life to protect his family from a snake

Nachito is small, but he has a big heart. And for this he fought with all his might to save his family from a snake. He gave his life for those who loved him and they will always be grateful to him.

His story is told on social media by Jorge Luna, its owner and veterinarian of the Autonomous University of Yucatan, in Mexico: “Hello Nachito, goodbye brave child, you paid with your life to protect your family from who you knew could do them of evil “.

According to the story of the man on the porch of the house there was a coral snake – a poisonous reptile, but not tendentially aggressive towards man – and the young Nachito must have interpreted it as a threat to his home, to his family, and so he didn’t think twice about facing him and killing him. But in the fight the snake bit him and the dog didn’t make it: “Your little body couldn’t get over it.”

A very strong pain for the whole family, but also a promise: “Thank you for the year of love and adventures you gave us, we will never forget you beautiful child, you were a hero who defended your family”.

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