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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comBridge Kretek 2 in Bantul Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta (DIY), has been visited by para engineer abroad on Thursday (24/11/2022).

Activity technical visit it was done after the International Seminar Climate Change, Resilience, and Disaster Management For Roads on November 22-23, 2022.

Director General of Highways Hedy Rahadian said, Kretek Bridge 2 selected as the location technical visit because it is built on land that has a high risk of seismicity. So from the start, bridge it is designed with anti earthquake.

“This is an interesting case and in accordance with the theme of the seminar that we can convey to the participants,” he explained as quoted from the Directorate General of Highways’ website.

Arriving at the location of the bridge which is not far from the entrance gate to the Parang Tritis Beach tourist area, the group was immediately directed to the muster area at the Kretek Bridge 2 edupark.

After being given Personal Safety Equipment in the form of a vest and hard hatK3 officers from the WIKA-HK JO implementing contractor gave directions safety induction which aims to provide evacuation information in the event of a disaster such as a fire, earthquake, or tsunami.

After the preparations were completed, the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) for the Construction of the Kretek 2 Bridge, Julian Situmorang, began to explain the features disaster mitigation which is on this Kretek 2 Bridge.

He started his explanation by detecting and identifying the Opak Fault path, using lead rubber bearing, as well as replacement of potentially liquefied soil and the use of special stakes.

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Then, the way to monitor the health of the bridge structure is in the form of an accelerometer, joint meter, DAU-test controller, creep meter, and seismometer.

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About 20 delegates from Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, England and Malaysia seemed enthusiastic about listening to the information provided.

It is not uncommon for them to have small discussions about this information.

One of the participants from Japan, Yukio Adachi, appreciated the Kretek 2 Bridge, which is adaptive to climate change and disasters.

“I think this bridge has been built very well according to the conditions in the area around here. The bridge has been adaptive to the potential danger from faults,” he said.

Yukio has 30 years of experience in earthquake engineering, bridge engineering, and asset & maintenance engineering.

Dock. Directorate General of Highways Ministry of PUPR Kretek Bridge 2 in Bantul Regency, DIY.

Ia adalah Chair of PIARC Technical Committee 1.5 Disaster Management. Sementara, Caroline adalah chair PIARC Technical Committee 1.4 Climate Change and Resilience of Road Networks serta Co-Chair REAAA Climate Change, Resilience and Disaster Management Working Committee, Australia.

Then the participant from Australia, Caroline Evans, was interested in the type of pavement on the Kretek 2 Bridge. She wanted to know an adaptive strategy to deal with Indonesia’s relatively high rainfall.

“I want to know, what are the adaptive steps for pavement when facing heavy and prolonged rains,” asked Caroline.

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In addition to the technical aspects, this bridge is equipped with an edupark which doubles as a green open space. This Edupark is planted with various types of shrubs, ornamental trees, to wooden trees that have additional functions.

These functions include, Asem Jawa is able to absorb carbon dioxide better and reduce noise pollution, Bougenville is able to improve air and water quality.

After reviewing the Edupark area and the buildings under the bridge, the group moved to the upper structure of the bridge to see the artistic side. expansion jointas well as pavement bridge sections.

As is known, the beutification of the Kretek 2 Bridge has an agricultural theme with the Javanese philosophy of Laku Urip Kang Utama or Luku.

“This painting is stylized through a vertical art piece above the bridge,” explained Julian.

Head of the Central Java-DIY National Road Implementation Center (BBPJN), Wida Nurfaida, said that this visit is expected to be able to provide an overview of how to design and build infrastructure disaster resistant as well as aesthetic.

“The people of DIY and its surroundings already know a lot about this bridge, so this is good for exchanging information with foreign and domestic civil engineering practitioners,” he concluded.

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