The story of the hot and daring scene by Menna Shalaby .. She cried because of it for a week and an Arab country deleted it (confidential details)

Riyadh – Muhammad Al-Atlassi – New details, according to what was published by Al-Sultanate newspaper, and this time in the life of the young artist, Menna Shalaby. She swims in a different area from others. Children’s programs and fawazeers. The great actress, Samiha Ayoub, was enthusiastic about her at first and nominated her for a small role in the series “Salma Ya Salama” produced in 2000. She also appeared in one scene in the movie “The Storm” directed by Khaled Youssef.

Menna could not draw attention to herself through these limited experiences. But luck smiled at her when the great director Radwan Al-Kashef chose her from among 200 new faces, to stand in front of the great artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the movie “The Magician”. Aziz, who has a broad fan base.

But in 2007, she had a date with the movie Hey Fawda, which was directed by Youssef Chahine and assisted by Khaled Youssef, and written by the writer Nasser Abdel Rahman, and starring the late artist Khaled Saleh, the artist Hala Fakher, the artist Youssef El Sharif, the artist Hala Sidqi, and the artist Amr Abdel Jalil, that movie that He tells the story of corruption in society, but the artist has a bold scene that sparked controversy and anger among the audience, and also the artist who revealed that she cried for a week after watching it, but was terrified.

The young artist talked about the scene, stressing that it was not deleted in Egypt, but it affected her psychologically, explaining: “No part of it was deleted in Egypt, but it affected me psychologically and I kept crying for a week because of it.. One of the most difficult scenes of the movie. Director Khaled Youssef recreated the scene more Once upon a time, I was terrified, and I will not forget this scene throughout my life, and for the first time I watched the movie, I was in Venice and was very impressed.

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And Menna Shalaby adds on the scenes of the film: “I was nervous at the first meeting with the director Youssef Chahine, but his simple style removed the dread from me, and about her first participation with the director Youssef Chahine in “Hey Fawda” she continues: “Working with Chahine in itself is a very important event. It was the turn, and whoever works with Shaheen does not look at his space because he knows who he works with.”

She explained: “I refuse to categorize the actor, as the real artist is supposed to present all the roles, and I see that many interpret the title of the actress of seduction as a line, and I am not an actress of seduction.”

The technical censorship apparatus in the State of Kuwait deleted this scene, according to what was confirmed by Imad Al-Nuwairi, the Egyptian critic residing in Kuwait and the head of the cinema club there, in the press conference that followed the screening of the film, by saying that he had not seen the film before showing it to the Kuwaiti censors, but it was clear that several parts of the events, Dialogue sentences have been deleted.

He added, “From my follow-up of what was published about the film, I discovered that censorship in Kuwait completely deleted the scene of police secretary Khaled Saleh’s rape of the school from Shalabi.”

It is the chaos of a joint Egyptian-French production, and it is the conclusion of the journey of director Youssef Chahine, who remained concerned about the issues of his homeland, as the film embodied a panorama of images of corruption and chaos experienced by Egyptian society in the first decade of the third millennium, as he represented Egypt at the 2008 Venice Festival.

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The film takes place in the present time and tells a story that mainly revolves around one character. The film also highlights corruption embodied in direct repression, bribery, nepotism, election fraud, brute control of power and sexual repression. The film also highlights a kind of resistance leading to a collective revolution in the end.

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