The story of the “immortal assassin” Regian Eersel, from troubled child to king of two thrones.

Get to know the life of Regian Eersel, a ONE World Champion with two rules in kickboxing and Muay Thai. more lightweight version Before flying to defend the throne of Muay Thai with a new challenger “Dmitri” at Lumpini

“The Immortal (Immortal Killer) ” Regian Eersel” Rachan kickboxing and Muay Thai lightweight (155-170 lbs.), 30 years old, prepare to face another challenge. In defense of the Thai boxing throne for the second time with new challengers “Dmitry Menzikov” Fist from white bear country, 25 years old, in the war ONE Fight Night 11: Regian vs Dimitri That will be broadcast live from the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) during prime time America. which corresponds to 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 10, 2023

But before the excitement in this battle begins We’ll be sharing more about Regian, the ONE World Champion with two rules in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

#National birth Suriname

“Region” is a Suriname by birth. This country is located on the northeast coast of South America. He lived there until the age of 4 before his family immigrated to Europe in search of a better life opportunity.

As a child, Regian admitted he was a troubled child, very stubborn and disregarding his parents’ instruction. Until the probation was controlled by using a hard stick Do not play the sport of rugby that he loves. until being able to act appropriately and travel correctly which he began to change himself to convince his parents But Man, who will return to his favorite rugby sport. Instead, he discovered something even more interesting: kickboxing.

Getting to know kickboxing gave “Regian” a new and perfect way to channel his inner aggression and aggression. Until when I set foot in the Sityodtong camp in Amsterdam, “Regian” never turned back to his old life.

#fighter skills all around

In fact, “Regian” started practicing martial arts at the age of 8, starting with Taekwondo. In order to exercise and protect oneself from being bullied by bullies. Until having the opportunity to train at the Sityodtong camp in Amsterdam, where he trained in a combination of various martial arts such as taekwondo, boxing and Muay Thai, helping to cultivate his versatility. making him a fighter with unparalleled all-round skills

#Rising Throne Kickboxing

“Regian” made his ONE debut in style with two straight victories over Brad Riddell in April 2018 and “The Assassin” Anthony Ngioguani in February 2019

Before being set up for the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Championship against fellow Dutch kickboxing master “The Natural,” Niki Holsken And ascended to the throne as the first World Champion in ONE history in May 2019.

# pass on inspiration

Although “Region” has lived in the Netherlands since the age of 4, he has never forgotten his identity as a Surinamese.

After being on the world championship podium in May 2019, “Regian” returned to Suriname. Under the invitation of the President As a Surinamese man who made a world-renowned

Along with bringing the prestigious world championship belt to visit schools to inspire children in his home country.

“The kids look up to me as a role model. I took the belt back to Suriname. He saw the success I had made. The more I saw that, the more I wanted to keep this belt as long as possible.”

#Two Throne Kings

After “Regian” sits on the pedestal of the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Championship solely for 5 times, therefore opens the opportunity to find a new challenge by crossing the line to win the Muay Thai boxing belt. with Thai rising stars “Sinsamut smells me” In the ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Championship held for the first time in history by being the party to squeeze and win the score evenlyTighten the belt, two rules for the lightweight version. ascend the two thrones with pride

And in the past March, “Regian” once again reinforced his position as the ruler of Muay Thai with the old adversary “Sinsamut”.Knockout punchIn the fourth round, he continued to hold the Muay Thai belt for the second time.

This time, it’s time for “Regian” to announce his second lightweight Muay Thai title and to extend his nine-bout unbeaten record in ONE. How long can you stay on the ONE World Championship throne? Find out in the battle of ONE Fight Night 11.

Fans can book tickets in the stadium via THAI TICKET MAJOR And follow the news and progress of this battle here and on all ONE social media channels, including Facebook. ONE Championship Thailand website and Instagram ONEChampTh

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