The strange summer continues, autumn temperatures are coming within days


It will be mostly sunny tomorrow before noon over the whole country, and in the east throughout the day. After noon, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop over the western half of the country. In places, mainly in the mountainous regions there, there will be short-term rain accompanied by thunder. In some areas, the phenomena will be intense. The wind will be moderate from the east-southeast, after noon in the northwestern regions of the country it will be oriented from the west-northwest. The maximum temperatures will be between 31° and 36°, in Sofia – around 31°.

It will be mostly sunny over the mountains before noon. After noon, cumulus-rain clouds will develop over the massifs of Western Bulgaria, and in places there will be short-term, temporarily intense precipitation and thunder. A moderate northeasterly wind will blow. Maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters – about 26°, at 2000 meters – about 17°.

It will be mostly sunny along the Black Sea, after noon with temporary increases in cloudiness, but it will remain without precipitation. It will blow to a moderate wind from the east-southeast. Maximum temperatures will be 29°-31°. The temperature of the sea water is about 26°. The excitement of the sea will be 1-2 points.

In the coming days, temperatures will drop, more significantly – in the second half of the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday before noon, and in Eastern Bulgaria throughout the day, it will be mostly sunny. There will be short-term rains and thunderstorms in places, mainly in the afternoon hours in the western half of the country. The wind will be weak, in the western half of the country from west-northwest, in the east – from east-northeast.

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The maximum temperatures in Western Bulgaria will be up to 25-26°, in the east they will still be around and above 30°. On Thursday and Friday, there will be rain and thunderstorms in more places throughout the country, the probability of local more intense phenomena also increases.

The wind will increase to moderate, the first day in most areas from the northwest, the second day – from the east-northeast. Temperatures will drop everywhere. Rainfall will temporarily decrease in range and intensity on Saturday. On Sunday, the wind will be from the north quarter, mostly moderate. Chances of showers and thunderstorms are increasing again.

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