The street musician sings in the center of Dortmund – suddenly a world star in Schlabberlook is on agreement


The superstar Anastacia sang with street musician Jan Grimm.

© Screenshot Facebook, we live Dortmund

All of a sudden, a star of the world is in front of him: a street musician was visibly stunned by his spontaneous duet companion.

Dortmund – As almost every day, the young street musician Jan Grimm sits with his guitar in the center of Dortmund and sings for passers-by. But Saturday two weeks ago it became famous. The American singer Anastacia ("Sick and tired") held a spontaneous concert with the 28 year old. Viewers have captured the moment and the video is now spreading in social networks.

"I've seen a lot of crazy things, but this is unique," said Jan Grimm, as reported by "The West". "I just thought that a camouflaged fan is in front of me." But he was a real star in the world: Anastacia, who was traveling in a Schlabberlook. He played the same night in the "boom of success" in front of 12,000 spectators.

Anastacia arrived at the right time

The unusual meeting could cheer up Jan Grimm. "At the moment I did not feel so good, I just recently wondered if I should go on street music." Grimm earned his money through singing and guitar music for eight years. "I'm from the vicinity of Bremen, then I slipped into the homeless." Only in Dortmund, the young musician got up again and found a flat.

If Anastacia had such a feeling? He also directed constructive words to the 28-year-olds. "He told me to move on, this is what I needed right now," he said. It is said that Anastacia kept the MTV format "The Cut" with various minor works before their big break in 1998.

Anastacia is not bad

After the two "Stand by me" by Ben E. King had sung, the world star did not hesitate for long, grabbed the hat lying on the floor in front of Jan and raised money for the young musician from the audience. "He has not yet paid the rent," Anastacia said in the round and warmly thanked the coins. In the end, he put an account in his hat and disappeared. How much money has been, remains open.

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