The strength of the Chinese space program frees "paranoia" in the United States


Hand in hand with the Chang & # 39; and 4 robotic probe, China has managed to "put one foot" on the unexplored face of the Moon for the first time in history, a milestone in the exploration of the cosmos that elevates the giant Asian to the category of space power, which sparked the "paranoia" in the United States, says the politician and former mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

Since our satellite rotates on its axis at the same speed that orbits the earth, we have never before seen the hidden face of the moon. "We know the hidden side of the orbital images and obtained by satellite, but not from the surface, is an unknown territory and this makes it very exciting," says Martin Wieser, of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

Now we can see the first images of this unexplored part, thanks to the lunar Yutu-2 rocket that began to explore the lunar terrain twelve hours after landing. The head of the mission, Wu Weiren, said that it is "a small step for the explorer, but a big step for the Chinese nation", referring to the words pronounced by the astronaut Neil Armstrong when he trampled the moon in the 1969.

"Paranoid mentality in the US leadership"

Faced with the expectation that China and India will outpace the United States as the world's largest economies in the not-so-distant future, Livingstone suggests that the progress of China's space program should lead the United States to accept this conjuncture and consider the possibility of collaborating with China to explore the Moon and space.

"China sent its first astronaut to space in 2003, but now it has reached Russia and the United States, which seems to have triggered a paranoid mentality at the top of the United States, with President Trump creating a new space command for the armed forces of the United States, and treating China as an economic and military rival, "says Livingstone.

According to the politician's opinion, before the "threat that represents climate change and the supercolors of human life on our planet", the unique form that humanity has to survive is "to expand into other worlds". "We hope that these three superpowers will cooperate in the coming years and will accept India, which is starting to develop its own space program with scheduled launches for 2022," concludes the author.


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